BEC COACHES actors and performers of every level on both monologue and scene work.

If you'd like to book a time or find out details get in touch.

Some actors said some cool stuff about her coaching sessions:

"Bec is an extraordinary coach that I would recommend to anyone. What makes working with her so great is that she focuses on the specifics of your piece. Many other coaches gloss over these things and are interested in you being striking or shocking. With Bec, you'll both go down the rabbit hole of inquiry and find the compelling parts of your piece." – Cory Hardin
"Bec is a creative and insightful director who loves actors, all of which is immediately evident in a coaching session with her. Anytime you work with Bec, you know that she will give you specific and thought provoking feedback, helping you delve into your piece in new ways and create clear and meaningful connections. Bec is a delight to work with and an incredible resource for any actor looking to hone their audition material." - Katherine Lamb
“I brought in my "go to" pieces when I worked with Bec. Not only did she help to remind me why I had chosen the pieces in the first place, she helped me articulate and bring an urgent, complete story to life. I left eager to audition and felt proud that I now had complete performances, rather that just monologues to take with me. Most importantly, she didn't dictate what needed to be done, but helped me discover the intricacies of each piece within myself, ensuring honest and personalized audition material.” – Stephen McClure